Wednesday, February 20, 2008

YouTube meets YourDocuments

PDFs: Embed PDFs YouTube-Style with Scribd iPaper: "The main features of iPaper that stand out over PdfMeNot are the ability to zoom pages, view thumbnail previews, and actually scroll the content with your mouse's scrollwheel (which doesn't work for me in PdfMeNot). iPaper even does search, and it provides simple links on their site page to download and save the original version on your desktop as either a PDF, plain text document, or even synthesized MP3 recording of the document."

Ooooh! Like the sound of that!! The 'real' deal is here at Scribd iPaper. One to play with for the future... could be a great way to share long documents directly rather than linking to other copies or getting people to download stuff. Hmmmm... interestink!

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