Thursday, February 7, 2008

How long can an Apple stay fresh?

Twenty years is forever. A millennium in computer years. A machine from back then is rare enough, but a classic (an Apple IIc) that’s not only in mint condition, it’s never been taken out of its box? Unheard of.

Unheard of, that is, unless you’re Dan Budiac and you’ve just bought one on eBay. After much nervous deliberation he steadied his shaking hands and unpacked it, taking photos as he went, and now he’s shared them with the rest of us on Flickr.
How long can an Apple stay fresh? : February 2008 : Ian Douglas : Technology : Telegraph Blogs

There's something pretty funny and fascinating about this Flickr stream, even though it's v.v.geeky!  Fancy bringing back memories of your first computer?  Want to indulge in someone else's love of their machine?  Ever wondered how it would feel to find an old 'new' computer and look at it through modern eyes?

Take a peek at the gorgeousness of someone unwrapping a brand spanking new, 20 year old Apple machine complete with manuals and instructions which need to tell you about the function 'auto repeat' for those who have no concept of what holding your finger down on a keyboard can do.  I could write a load of spiel about the changing expectations of computer users and the way in which technologies and technological language are taken into our every day way of being... but no.  Just enjoy this time-travelling homage to Apple nerdom.  Lovely!

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