Friday, May 18, 2012

MOOCing - First Steps into Learning & Teaching in Higher Education

First Steps into Learning & Teaching in Higher Education: 21 May – 22 June '12 | #fslt12 The Open Line mooc – HEA/JISC/Oxford Brookes University: "Welcome to the First Steps into Learning and Teaching in Higher Education massive open online course (mooc). The course will run from 21 May to 22 June 2012. This mooc is developed by the HEA/JISC funded OpenLine Project at Oxford Brookes University. Registration is open."

'via Blog this'

Had forgotten that I'd registered my interest in this... but... I have... and it starts on Monday... so... here goes.  Attempting to participate in a MOOC and actually do it this time around!

Come on brain cells... you can do this...


  1. I'm very tempted, partly because I want to experience a MOOC and partly because of the topic and the people involved in this one - but how on earth can you find the time?

  2. I don't know - and I guess that's part of it really! I'd like to see whether or not I can find the time to do something like this and it's 'only' a month after all. So on the MOOC scale, it's pretty short term and should be enough to get a feel for it. Or that's the theory!

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