Monday, February 25, 2008

Who Is This Person?

Who Is This Person? :: Firefox Add-ons: "Highlight any name on a web page and see matching information from Wink, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Facebook, Google News, Technorati, Yahoo Person Search, Spock, WikiYou, ZoomInfo, IMDB, MySpace and more..."

Yet more geeky goodness!! If you're a Firefox user (and apparently according to my lovely Google Analytics doobry wotsit the majority of the people visiting this blog are...)... then this could be a great extension for anyone doing a spot of web research. Want to establish some credentials for the person you're about to base your entire essay / report on? Just right click on their name and this little extension will offer you some options for finding out the online who, what, where of that person.

I do love a good simple idea!

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