Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's on the tip of my brain...

Proud Spammer of Open University Courses at bavatuesdays: "This was a pretty amazing experiment for me because it illustrates just how much I learn from reading blogs on a daily basis. Ideas happen in a series of relations, and I so thoroughly enjoy taking other people’s genius and testing it out. When I saw the Goya class get pulled in successfully in just over a minute, I started to realize just how powerful these open resources can be once they are freed from their repositories. What is stopping K-12s and universities from setting up WPMu installations (or Drupal, or what have you) and pulling these amazing resources in? Or even pushing them out themselves? Another question that needs to be asked is how many of the other open resources out there have the stellar RSS feeds these OpenLearn OERs do?"

Note to brain: Think!! For goodness sake... THINK!!! You know the above means something which is both relevant and potentially interesting... so start bloomin' working on it!

Sound of brain slowly chugging into life, but too late for anything to be done about it today. Brain... I will be back tomorrow and I expect you to have done some proper processing on this. Ta everso. :o)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sarah,

    As it turns out very little I say is either interesting or relevant, so you may be pushing your brain for nothing. However, if you want to talk more about this let me know, I'd love to chat about what I am trying to say, which is both overstated and underutilized.

    Thanks for thinking about me!


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