Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The joy of the obselete

Obsolete Skils

Tee hee! The above link has a whole load of skills which were 'essential'... and which are now dustbin fodder for most people. Yeah, it's a bit geeky... okay... a lot geeky... but kinda funny too (even if I can still do shorthand despite it being obselete... snark!!)

Wonder what we're doing right now which will be obselete in 10 / 20 years time? Or even, given today's pace of change... next year? Toshiba HD DVD anyone...?


  1. tsk tsk, there are loads of things on there that I still do and even more that I never knew how to do anyway - I seemt o be hovering somewhere between obsolete and ultra-modern :-)

  2. We are the new black, Elli!

    The new cutting edge!

    People worship our technological greatness...

    Oh, who are we trying to kid? Get back to yer knitting while I do my shorthand. :o)


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