Thursday, February 21, 2008

Was Facebook's demise not exaggerated after all?

"Facebook has suffered its first fall in UK users, with a 5% drop between December and January, according to new figures.

However, Facebook still had 8.5 million unique users in January and remains the most popular social networking website in the UK, according to Nielsen Online, the internet research company behind the results."

Interesting, but not surprising given the number of people who've been predicting that this year is not going to be Facebook's year.

Wonder if it's just finding its own 'real' level rather than the 'ooooooh, I just found someone I haven't talked to in 15 years' attraction.

PS If you haven't spoken to them in 15 years and haven't tried to track them down. There's probably a good reason. This information - free of charge. :o)


  1. >blows raspberry< I haven't spoken or kept track on people cos I ran away um, almost exactly 15 years ago >grin<
    I'm back in touch with a load of people who were once good friends of mine and it's very nice.
    However, I think there are only sooo many stupid quizzes and things one can do - Facebook generally bores me enough to make me go and do some work :-)

  2. It's okay, you don't need to justify things to me... I'll still love you. :o)

  3. well, I'm glad about that! I would hardly dare have an opinion without asking your permission first!
    Though I have to admit, today I went and bought a book rather than working and now I'm going to put it on my Facebook bookshelf...ok ok I'm going back to multibloodylingual survey methods, honest!

  4. So what do you think will come up in its place, there has to be another one around the corner.

  5. Hi Stewart

    I think that probably its usage will mellow somewhat as people get over the initial 'spangly new toy' thing and either like it for its potential of enabling connectedness between friends or decide it's not for them. I think that the lessons learnt from Facebook about the way in which people like to connect to others will feed into developments in education generally and that it won't necessarily be replaced, but the experience will naturally transform into other types of systems and services. Does there have to be a direct replacement, do you think?

    Sarah :o)


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