Thursday, November 25, 2010

Faces on Facebook

Was just having an idle muse about identity on Facebook and what we choose (or not) to reveal to others. For example, there are options to 'find friends' and though your memory of School days may be hazy, a picture can help you to think - yup, I do know them. But... looking at the avatars people choose, there seem to be a few different types... so... here they are and here's my completely and utterly non-scientific opinion about what they might represent:

  • Self-portrait - I haven't time for this
  • Pet - I LOVE cats / dogs / fish!!!!!!! YEAH!!!
  • With partner - someone loves me! Woot!
  • Group of friends - more than one person LOVES me!!!
  • Group of friends partying - people LOVE me AND I know how to have FUN!!!
  • Tattoo - I may have a bit too much fun...
  • Kids - my kids look better than me
  • Baby - I also have a BABY ON BOARD sticker on my car. I have a baby. Yes. A baby! YAY!
  • Computer generated avatar - I like to stay in
  • Holiday snap - I like to stay away
  • Random graphic - the lights are on... but...

... you might like to take all of the above with a pinch of salt. :o)

I wonder how much we thought we were giving away when we chose the 'thing to represent us' online?

PS Mostly I use a plain ol' picture of me... apart from when it comes to sites where I share photos - in which case I use a flower or a pair of shoes. Go figure.
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