Monday, February 25, 2008

Pretty Analytics

6 Adobe AIR Apps to Check Out:

"Google Analytics

For web site owners, measuring traffic and visitor stats are crucial tasks to managing the site and improving performance. With the Google Analytics AIR application, those who use Google's free analytics software can now view those stats without needing to log in using a web browser. This robust application allows for multiple profiles from different Analytics accounts. Within the app, all the visitors, traffic, and content reports are available, just as they are online. A tabbed interface allows you to easily switch between the various reports. Within each area, you can drilldown into the data to view things like goal values and data segmentation. The app provides animated, interactive graphs, making viewing the data just as useful, if not more so, than when you view it online. You can also quickly swich between the interactive reports to viewing them in a PDF format instead. These reports can then be saved or printed, just like any online PDF. Alternately, reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, or XML formats. Download it here."

Useful heads up from ReadWriteWeb which is a bit geeky if you're not someone who runs their own website... but if you do... oooooh, this is purrrrrty! It makes Google Analytics move from being functional and clunky to get to, to sitting happily on your desktop, with all functions an easy click away. Now, I know this isn't desperately web 2.0 if you're installing stuff on your pristine 'I don't need to install anything the web will deliver everything to me' computer... but, I do like the look of it!

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