Friday, February 29, 2008

"Web 2.0 may come to OU before 22nd Century" Shocker!

The Ed Techie: The Social:Learn project: "The project has gone through the initial conceptualisation phase (this can be summarised as asking the question, 'so what is social:learn exactly?' repeatedly), and is now entering an initial development stage. It's still early days and I'll blog more about it as it goes on. Below is an overview slidecast that I gave to the Hewlett Foundation last month."

Is this where the theory side of the OU's MA in Online and Distance Education becomes reality? Or will it be corporate-ised out of any glimmer of educational creativity and end up as dull as other OU offerings such as MySpaceStuff / the VLE / Library 2.0? The words sound right, but the fear of actually relinquishing control of absolutely everything connected with learning delivery and all the multitude of 'problems' dreamed up by those vetting it along the way... well... here's hoping that it's not just words and a nice idea.

Will be interesting to see...


  1. Sarah, have some faith! We are trying to not make it very OU - hence a lot of the development is being done outside, we have consultants, and I'm involved! I've sat on enough committees and know enough about 2.0 to know the two don't mix. and it's not just to the OU - it's to the whole world (mainiacal laughter sound effect here).

  2. Here's hoping, huh? Would be great to see something which was allowed out to play properly from the OU corporate stable a bit more rather than ending up more dull and worthy than a dull and worthy thing.


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