Monday, February 25, 2008

Web 2.0-much when...

1.  You get excited because you have a photo which made the 'interestingness' feature of Flickr

2.  You know what someone means when they talk about 'sending a tweet' despite everyone else around you looking blank

3.  You have more than one blog and you forget what you posted and where

4.  You have had to cull your RSS feeds more than once and still if you don't check at least once a day they threaten to over-run and suffocate small children in their path

5.  You go to sign up to a web 2.0 service you think looks interesting only to discover you signed up a month or so before and have forgotten all about it

6.  Despite more and more of your friends discovering Facebook, you've already decided it's old hat and are in search of the next source of online procrastination

7.  You use the word 'mash-up' with a straight face

8.  You struggle to remember how to find out information without using Google

9.  You use the word 'evangelist' when describing your online work

10.  Please switch off your computer

11.  And your router... I know you'll try to get a connection using another computer

12.  And don't go trying to nick someone else's wireless broadband either

13.  And your phone.

14.  And your Blackberry.

15.  And relax.

I know!  Not so scary after all, huh?  :o)


  1. I'm 'safe'! I don't say aye to all of them....yet ;)

  2. There was a fair proportion of 'aye' in there though, right? Back away from the computer, Tina... :o)


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