Wednesday, January 20, 2010

eLearning Pedagogy Speak Generator

For those moments when you need to find that latest bit of eLearning pedagogical terminology in an important meeting for high-level funding, I thought you might like my eLearning Pedagogy generator.

Feel free to use at will. :o)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Google docs and sharing stored files

Just noticed a nice new little feature in Google Docs - the ability to upload any type of file without having it converted to a Google Docs. Now, I know this seems like a pretty minor feature but it's actually going to be a useful little bunny to know about if you don't want Google stripping out the formatting for a document you just want to store and share with others. Okay, so there are better services for file sharing which allow you more than the 1GB / 25oMB per file limit imposed by Google (the superb Dropbox is one which immediately pops into my head), but you have to love the convenience... again... of Google allowing you to just get stuff done via a simple tweak to a service.
Stuff which Google has tweaked in Docs lately which has made a difference:
1. File storage without converting your file
2. Sharable folders
3. Bulk uploads
4. Translation of words, phrases or entire pages into any of 40+ languages.
What's not to like?

Sarah 'I sold my soul to Google but I liked what I got in return' Horrigan :o)
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