Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Close encounters of the Twittering kind

Micro blogging site Twitter is the latest target of cyber criminals who are increasingly finding fertile ground on social networks.A fake Twitter profile with a malicious payload has been spotted by security firm Kaspersky.It purports to link to a pornographic video but downloads a fake version of Adobe Flash which installs programs capable of stealing data.The attack is believed to be the first to target Twitter.
BBC NEWS | Technology | Hi-tech criminals target Twitter

Well, 'twas always bound to happen. Where's there's people... there's people up to mischief. I've had a few 'odd' followers on Twitter who I've duly blocked, but I wonder how many people are careful with their clicks when it comes to social networking sites where you're supposedly connecting with people rather than malicious bods. I guess it's just another form of internet literacy which people need to get their heads round. It's not that these systems are inherently flawed, just that they are representative of society. And society, wherever it is, ain't all good. Why should something as seemingly benign as Twitter escape unscathed? Doesn't mean you can't use such services... just that you should always have a questioning head on your shoulders. And that's no bad thing.
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