Wednesday, August 6, 2008

myOpenID and my online headache!

Welcome to myOpenID

Right - am now trying OpenID after repeatedly forgetting my id or password combination for various sites. Am hoping that it solves the issue of having too many accounts on too many sites and saves me from forever having to fill in the 'forgotten password' option. Although I try to keep my online identity as consistent as possible... over the years I've acquired Sarah_Horrigan, SarahHorrigan, Sarah.Horrigan, horrigans, Maddy Lou and various others... and being a security conscious bod, I haven't always used the same password across the board. The flaw in my security conscious side is that it competes directly with my forgetful side and I'm forever locking myself out of things.

Soooooooooooooo... myOpenID is being tried to see if it helps me manage my fractured online personalities. Let's see how it shapes up!

Is now the time to confess that I've already had to get password reminders from myOpenID and regularly have to track down their site to see if I can remember the ID I set for myself? Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!

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