Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Digging Digsby

Okay, so although I do like a good bit of social networking... it can get seriously overwhelming at times. And, because I like an easy life... I like finding things that'll make my life easier (naturally!)! The problem with social networking is that while you're only a click away from what you're friends and contacts are up to... opening up various browser windows / clients to see what's happening... well... as far as 21st Century Laziness goes... it's kinda tiresome. Basically, for a while I've wanted my own little pot to store all my social networking treasures in. Something that keeps them together, gives me a quick way of checking and updating them... and doesn't gobble up memory on my ailing laptop.

Soooo... my latest toy for making life easier comes in the form of 'digsby'.

It allows you to send 'tweets' via Twitter, chat with people on Facebook and see what's going on with people on MySpace. It'll even let you check your e-mail, use the main chat clients such as MSN, AOL, GTalk etc and having your main forms of communication in one place is handy if nothing else and it saves having to use the horribly clunky Facebook chat interface! So, even though it's not the prettiest thing out there, (it does let you customize it a bit in the style of a teenage boy's retro 1980s' bedroom)... and I don't think that Mac or Linux versions are available at the mo... and it doesn't support things like 'FriendFeed' or 'Plurk' - it supports the main big boys and no doubt others will be added as they emerge from the web 2.0 heap.

Yup, this is on my 'nice little toy' list for now. Solves my general 'fed up of flicking from this to that' issue anyway! And it hasn't made my poor laptop collapse in a sad, resource-hogged little pile either. Which is always nice. :o)
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  1. Might give this one a try. I went for Flock for a while until I got tired of the continual whirring of my laptop fan as it struggled to keep itself cool as it strugged to feed the resource hungry Flock app :).

    Currently using google desktop as there are nice widgets that support my studies. Google books many of which are digitised and support in text search, google scholar, rescuetime to track how much time I spend on different apps and a neat link to the OU online library downloaded from the OU library website. Oh, and of course twitteriffic.

    Twitteriffic lets me sneak social networking in so RescueTime doesn't spot it ;)

  2. Mmmm - Google desktop - yup... love Notebook, Reader, Scholar and all their little friends. And yes about Flock being resource-hungry. I do like it, but it doesn't like me terribly much!

    Now I'm going to have to look at Twitteriffic... oh the curse of being addicted to trying new stuff! :o)


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