Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The generalisations that prevail

Virtual Learning » Is online socialisation necessary?: "Of course the World has changed hugely since 2000 and most of us are much more comfortable now with online socialising, developing varying degrees of addiction to email, Facebook or Twitter."

WARNING!!! Sweeping generalisation alert!!! "most of us are much more comfortable" - are we?? Can we just step back from that position of assumption for a minute and ask why it is that there is a significant percentage of the population not connected. A whole load who have zero awareness of Twitter. A grand total of 100 million users of Facebook in a global population of several billion.

If you start from a position of assumed competence and assumed literacy then you start from a position of neglect of students as individuals, each of whom have varying needs and expectations of what they hope to get from their learning experience.


Thanks to Nigel Gibson for flagging this one. Interesting article, even if it got my rant button pushed!

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