Friday, September 26, 2008

Embracing the inner geek

So... I took the plunge. I've ordered myself an Asus eee pc ... and even resisted the urge to go for the safety of Windows, instead going with Linux. 'Tis a whole new geeky world out there. I'm tired of my whiny, over-heating, Vista laptop. I'm fed up of it conking out. I'm fed up of the dead battery. And most of all... my 2 yr old picked most of the keys off my old laptop so it's not looking too happy all in all! I don't care that I'm not using Microsoft Office - I happily switch between umpteen things from Open Office to web-based apps to Microsoft. It's what it does that I'm after, not the corporate safety net.

Maybe this'll be a whole lot better than mobile computing = lugging a widescreen laptop around and trying to find somewhere to plug it in before the battery dies and the OS blue screens. Here's the possibility of real mobile computing!

Will report back when it arrives!

(PS Even resisted the urge to buy a pink one. I'm not shallow, oh no siree bob. *massive grin*)

1 comment:

  1. This is the sound of me whooping and cheering!



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