Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wikis in education

Although this website doesn't specifically refer to the use of wikis in education it does give a whole load of really interesting ideas about what will or won't work when it comes to setting up and using wikis. My experience of them so far has not been a dynamic, collaborative experience but instead it's been more tentative and cautious with no-one wanting to 'damage' anyone else's work. I've been trying to think how to overcome these sorts of barriers and I think some of the material on just might do it... maybe... (who can tell when it comes to elearning, huh?!)

Wikipatterns - Wiki Patterns
Looking to spur wiki adoption?

Want to grow from 10 users to 100, or 1000? Applying patterns that help coordinate peoples' efforts and guide the growth of content, and recognizing anti-patterns that might hinder growth - can give your wiki the greatest chance of success.

This site contains a toolbox of patterns and anti-patterns, and a guide to major stages of wiki adoption that explores patterns to apply at each stage. Beyond this site, there are many other additional resources.

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