Thursday, July 12, 2007

Real name = real flaming

Interesting article from The Guardian... although nothing which really explains why this might be the case, only that it's an observable phenomenon. Which tells you... ermmm... precisely nothing helpful. Tantalisingly interesting... yet no substance. For me, I'd rather use my own name online because I'm uncomfortable with the concept of not being me. I can't keep up a pretence, so I'd rather not bother even trying.  Hence, I don't feel comfortable with the fake name, fake body of Second Life and I don't normally sign up for things using a nick name which isn't 'me' in some way. I don't know if it makes flaming more or less likely as far as I'm concerned. But I definitely feel more comfortable with existing online in a way that represents the 3D version of myself as best as poss.  Anyway... here's the article...

Removing anonymity won't stop the online flame wars | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology
Again and again we hear the suggestion that if only people would use their "real" names when commenting on blogs and sites such as the Guardian's, everything would be sweetness and light. Wouldn't it? New research suggests not, says psychology lecturer Dr Ros Dyer, who researched computer mediated communication for her PhD at Staffordshire University.

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