Thursday, June 11, 2009

The price of 'free'

... and *ping* they were gone!

All podcasts uploaded to Switchpod, gone in an instant... and because I only had a free account, no notification that this was going to happen.

Ah well, being a mug, I've signed up to Podbean and will start again from scratch there. Obviously this time it'll all be different. *hollow laughter*

A few questions. What would you do if your free Blogger, WordPress, Flickr, Google Docs / Reader etc site disappeared overnight? How much of a pain would that be? How much of an impact might it have? What if you'd encouraged students to sign up for those services and the work was to be assessed?

What can we do to balance web 2.0 free-goodness with the reality that we're trusting something we have no financial stake in?

No such thing as a free lunch, huh?
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