Thursday, February 12, 2009

Click-jacking on Twitter

A few minutes ago I kept noticing people Twitter streams saying "Don't click..." and then giving a TinyUrl. A few minutes after that, and along come more messages saying 'don't click the don't click thing'. Which obviously got me thinking... so I headed off to do a quick search...

The above screenshot - taken less than a minute after my search on Twitter to see how many people had fallen into the "Don't click" click-jacking trap. 1000+ in 60 seconds. That's some rate of effect, huh?

Want to read more about this stuff? There's an article about it at DarkReading which will fill you in as well as this from Evil Genius which gives the how to on the whole thing.

Fascinating to watch it happen... to watch people's Twitter reactions and to see the speed it could take hold. Probably just as fascinating to see how quickly I blogged about it too though!

If you don't know what it is or why it's being sent to you... DON'T CLICK! DON'T! Honestly. DON'T! :o)
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