Thursday, July 31, 2008

Facebook facelift

OooOOOooooh! Facebook got a facelift!! There's a new swanky version kicking around and it actually gives users a bit more control over what they do and don't want to see. You get to set preferences for the type of news stories / people you're interested in and it looks familiar enough to be instantly usable, and it's much easier to comment on little bits which interest you, rather than having to wade around finding points at which to make comment (that last bit'll make sense if you take a look at 'new' Facebook).

Easier to publish stuff, easier to read stuff, easier to customize it... looks good on first glance. Just gotta block those annoying ads on the right hand side... and I'm sorted. :o)

Now then... when's this sort of flexibility going to built into institutional VLEs... hmmm?


  1. I don't like it very much :( having trouble finding everything! I have found how to revert tho.
    Hi Sarah!! Great blog :o) Mine is a craft one (click on my name).

    Love Sally x

  2. at least there is an option to revert. There are a few things I can't find - but I'd wound down using Facebook recently as all the apps and streaming of absolutely everything was a bit too much for me to handle. This is better in more respects than it's worse (if that makes sense!) so at the mo, I prefer it. I like having the ability to comment directly on status messages etc and to change the preference of the sort of thing you want to view - but I hope they continue tweaking it as there are some usability issues.

    Now off to explore your blog!


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