Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have an OU Moodle-based blog for my student account...

... but no-one actually told me, I just spotted a link to it, tucked away under Tools...

Just looked again at "MyStuff" - still a baffling bunch of fields, forms, tick boxes, features that have no apparent affordances... and the word 'stuff' appearing all over the place.  "Stuff" being a useful shorthand for 'really not sure what people are supposed to be putting in here'

Notice that some kind of hints and tips section is routinely titled "MyStuff bites".  Yes.  It does.

Don't mean to post a stream of negativity, but there's a constant clash of 'shiny new technology' vs. 'meaningful implementation' which I can't make sense of.  When are the disconnections going to be connected?
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  1. It's a ghetto. Let's blog in public spaces.

  2. I think the clash you described is often situated in a political landscape which accelerates implementation at the cost of it being sensible or meaningful. Put another way - if the OU implementation of Moodle is the answer it was a bloody stupid question


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