Thursday, April 17, 2008

New favourite tools - Evernote

Remember everything. | Evernote

Haven't been blogging much lately due to 'general being snowed under by life'-ness... but have recently been playing with the Evernote beta - and I have to say that it rocks!! Shaping up to be far better than Google Notebook and the online and offline synchronization is terrific. Though I might question whether an offline client isn't a slight backwards step, having lived with a dodgy internet connection for the past few months and also had my computer threaten to lose the operating system - I can see that a note-taking service which straddled both worlds has some major advantages.

You can take notes from any source either with a single click or via screenshot... you can tag, share, search. And... it's free! I used to use a version of Evernote when it was a paid for / free version only on offer via magazine kinda thing - and this is a real improvement on that. The flexibility of the formats it supports - from sound recorded via mobile, to ordinary notes and copied quotes - make it a little piece of web2.0-style genius.

If you're after a tool for research, work or study (for PC or Mac) which will help you keep your online and offline snippets together and organised, then this is really looking like a very useful addition.

Anyhoo, other articles about it at O'Reilly and Lifehacker if you want to read more about it.

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