Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Flickr - photos alone no more

What is video on Flickr?Video on Flickr is going to be defined by our incredible, diverse, far-flung and fabulously talented members. Some answers that we’ve come up with:
1. A long photo 2. Personal 3. Simple – not overproduced or slick 4. Possibly the best answer so far: The Great Unknown

Some ground rules to get started: 1. Only “safe” and “moderate” video content is permitted. Your “beautiful wife” should not be moving. (Read more about content filters.) 2. Only upload videos you have created yourself.
Flickr: Help: Video

Okay, so I can see the reasons why Flickr might have done this - but I do hope that people's photostreams aren't going to be overloaded with dross videos.  YouTube's nailed the market there!

Will be interesting to watch - I'd love to think that simple tutorials might be able to be uploaded to Flickr to explain what had been done to photos / give advice on image editing techniques.  Wouldn't it be great if someone else uploaded a photo critique of your images and showed you the end result?  I can see that a course like T189 could use something like this (it already has its own version of Flickr in OpenStudio).  But... but... I do have some reservations about it attempting to be all things multimedia when what it does really well is host photos and an online photographic community.

Wonder where this will head.  Will another YouTube explosion happen or will it sit in the background as the ugly best mate of pretty old Flickr?
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  1. Plus, now the UI has to say things like "things", "items", "uploads", and even "bits" instead of photos. It feels so... splattered on.

  2. Yup, it's certainly got that pooped on, diluted feel about it...

    I'd really like to be open minded about it because I know there are some really talented visual artists who work with video out there... but... wouldn't it be nice if it were an opt in extra rather than a core part of Flickr's photographic hosting / sharing service?


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