Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Slave to Microsoft

Despite my love of all things free and web2.0-ish... I'm giving the new Microsoft Office Live bits and bobs a try and am typing this blog entry using the free Windows Live Writer. Free sign up. Integration with Microsoft Office 2007. The ability to manage and store your documents online. Able to share documents with others in a Google Docs-esque way.

What's not to like?

Well, I'm going to give it a go and see if my Google-addiction may be reigned in a tad. Google Docs just aren't quite there with regards functionality for me... but they did offer collaborative working and online storage of documents. Microsoft Office had the functionality I wanted... but no easy collaborative working and no online storage of documents. Well, the latter has just changed, so let's see... Windows Live Writer is certainly prettier than Google's publish from Docs function. Am I going to be a slave to Microsoft once more? Have they finally woken up to web2.0??


  1. Isn't live writer the dowwnload/desktop blog authoring tool?

    I prretty much use flock full time for blog posts now, and jingproject for uploading screenshots to flickr (then pasting embed code into my blog posts - though i could pull images in from the flock media bar)

  2. Yup - it is, but it's all part of the Microsoft Live stuff - Office, Writer etc... hence I spotted it on my travels into Office Live world.

    I do like Flock, but basically I'm an application tart and will give most stuff a go! Microsoft is this week's 'give it a try' thing... next week I'll probably be back to Flock again, faithless trollop that I am. :o)


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