Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reason the world has gone mad number 352

The latest street danger? Walking and texting | Technology | The Guardian: "There are those who believe that the pattern etched by humanity across the great book of world history is one of linear progression. Of improvement. Of advance. Of some nebulous but discernible form of betterment. Those are the people who have not yet heard the news that Brick Lane in east London has started padding its lampposts to prevent those who use its thoroughfare from suffering 'walk and text' injuries.

In case anyone reading this is one of the 68,000 individuals who apparently interfaced thus with street furniture in London last year (mostly resulting in cuts and bruises, but with a fair proportion of broken noses, cheekbones and one fractured skull in the mix too) and therefore is self-evidently stupid enough to need the problem further delineated, these are injuries caused by people who do not understand the importance of peripheral vision. Until, that is, they compromise it by texting as they walk along the street and into lampposts, signs, bollards and other pedestrians."

Right. People. Here's a solution for you. It doesn't require padding the streets. It doesn't require the threat of litigation. It doesn't require a trip to casualty.


68,000 people?! The Darwin Awards might have a tough job deciding on a winner this year...

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