Saturday, January 12, 2008

The old new

Dork talk | Technology | The Guardian:
"But let the rise of social networking alert you to the possibility that, even in the futuristic world of the net, the next big thing might just be a return to a made-over old thing."

Lovely quote from Stephen Fry's 'Dork Talk'. He's right too. Isn't it so often the way that the next big thing isn't really the next or big either. It's the same old same old wearing this year's fashions. After all, social networking is just the same networking we've been doing for centuries... just wearing electronic clothing this time out. Next time out? Who knows? When was the last time something really was 'new'? Isn't most stuff just responding to the basic needs of human beings? Is anything truly innovative? Or is it all a continuum of evolution where you can't quite pick out 'new' from 'old' as they're really all the same?

Life is one long tweak of all past lives. But it sure is fun finding those different ways of tweaking!

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