Friday, January 11, 2008

1973: First Open University degrees awarded

1973: First Open University degrees awarded:

"Dr Perry said: 'The qualities of our students are often very different, in the first place they are adult, experienced in life and jobs, not just straight out of school. They have achieved their degree by the most difficult method of getting a degree yet devised by the wit of man.

'Therefore they have qualities of determination and staying power that are quite unusual and I think will come to be recognised by industry as very important qualities for employers.'"

Just noticed the above on the BBC's website - it's been 35 years since the first OU degrees were awarded... and the above quote still holds strong. Good feeling to have been part of that ongoing struggle and pride in what's been achieved. It's another of those 'wish I could bottle it and share it with others' sorta feelings, and an outcome that can't be quantified when weighing up who should or shouldn't get funding in HE in the UK...

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