Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Too much of a good thing?

I think I'm getting Web 2.0-fatigued. All networked out.

Account after account after account created... social networking sites where you see people with 1000s of 'friends'... this Web 2.0 offering, that one, the other... sign up, sign up!

After such a short existence of services such as these are we already getting too much of a 'good' thing? At what point do they cease to have any real meaning? I get through six or seven announcements of web 2.0 services via Mashable and it feels like a steady stream of 'new and improved' stuff, which ultimately doesn't stick, doesn't get used and goes in the 'nice idea but nah' pile. Isn't this all slightly damaging? Is Web 2.0 about something that might be workable, engaging and create something worthwhile... or is it about the latest shiny toy that'll be played with and dropped within seconds? Is the web now just one big gadget? How do we make sure any of these tools can be thoughtfully and sensitively used in elearning if they whizz in and out of people's consciousness so quickly?

Should we all sit back and see who wins the Facebook vs. MySpace battle before we invest more of our energy trying (and failing!) to keep up?

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