Friday, June 15, 2007

Geek crisis...


Just had the above error message appear when using - lordie lordie! Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. Actually, I doubt it's even a molehill... I think we're actually looking at a microscopic blip. Don't you just love the 'horribly wrong' description though? Reminds me of the 'game' I saw described in The Guardian the other day about Wikigroaning - basically you look up a pair of related subjects and guess which will be the longer entry and hence more important to the Wikipedia-writing nerds. For example, according to The Guardian "the game Second Life gets 8,743 words, while "real life" gets 1,502". Based on my error message, I suspect if you looked up 'Programming Crises' vs. 'Crises' you'd get a similar effect...

Update: Have now tested my Wikigroaning pair. We have the 'International Crisis' entry standing at 531 words... and 'Debugging' at 3,089 words. :o))

PS Have a go at Wikigroaning next time you're doing some research and fancy calling in on Wikipedia. You'll not only look like you're working, but you'll also reveal something ever so slightly scary about the contributors to Wikipedia that may make you think twice about relying on it as an authortative source!

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