Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Online Office Tools, Productivity Applications and more

Online Office Tools, Productivity Applications and more:

"Zoho Office Suite"

Really like the look of the suite of Web 2.0 goodies available from Zoho. The new notebook has just been launched and compared to Google Notebook it's certainly got lots of additional features to play with. I'm intrigued to see how easily it integrates with Firefox and how intuitive it is to use... but the word processing, planning, spreadsheet, chat, presentation, wiki etc services all available for free look mighty tempting!

Will give this one a bit of bashing around and see how it shapes up. Will I abandon trusty Google Notebook after nearly a year of faithful use? Are Google Docs going to look hum drum in comparison? Does this have the potential to be used by students in collaborative work? Will it fire my imagination? Dunno... a cup of tea is calling louder than Zoho, so I'll be back later. :o)

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