Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Finger of fate

Finger length points towards exam results | Schools special reports | "The length of children's fingers could point the way to their future school tests and exam results, researchers said yesterday.

Those with a relatively long fourth, or ring, finger are likely to be better at maths than English, a difference particularly striking in boys. But girls whose ring fingers are smaller in relation to their index finger are likely to be stronger in literacy.

The findings, from a study of 75 six and seven-year-olds sitting primary school Sats, add to growing evidence that differences in finger length might help predict traits or abilities such as sporting prowess, vulnerability to disease, aggression, fertility and sexual orientation."

Just saw the above in today's Education Guardian. That's me doomed then. My index finger and ring finger are the same size. I clearly have no discernable talents. Ah well... I had a good run at it... Off to fill in my application form for McDonalds. If they'll have me and my freakishly similar sized fingers. ;o)

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