Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Today I am mostly being irritated by...

Tiscali and their 'unlimited' broadband connection which prevents me from getting on with my work using FirstClass for the majority of the day by blocking the port it uses.

I could write something about wondering whether students are being affected by this lack of access and the issues third party suppliers bring to the use of technology in education if they aren't able to provide the services needed. But actually all I want to do is say 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!'. Give me back my access!! GIVE IT BACK!!!

Sounds of Sarah stamping her feet while typing angrily...


  1. Why not Migrate to a decent ISP?

  2. Here’s a Broadband Video that will show you how to check availability by postcode, how perform a broadband speed test and where to find broadband forums to answer your questions. There are also offers for Tiscali Broadband.

    Here is a broadband beginners guide and below are common broad band questions;
    >What is Broadband?
    >Types of Connections?
    >Connection speeds and download limits
    >How to compare ISP’s


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