Monday, August 20, 2007

Old tech...

Telegraph Blogs : Technology : Ian Douglas : August 2007: "How long have you had an iPod? Have you listened to music on a CD since you got it? Doesn’t the whole process of going to the shelf, choosing a disk, putting it in the machine and pressing play seem a bit archaic now? A bit Nineties?"

So... my answers to those questions... 'no', 'yes, because I haven't got one' and 'no, I like the process of chosing a disk, putting it in the machine and pressing play - it's hardly a chore'...

Why are we in such a rush to bin 'old' technologies? What's wrong with appreciating a method of doing something for the act itself? I rather like CDs. I like their rainbow shininess. I like their uniformity and control of choice. I like holding the music 'in my hand' as it were. I know I must sound like a Luddite, but there's something nice about the smell of vinyl. Something pretty about the colours on the CD. A satisfaction in turning the crisp new page of a book. Scribbling a note on a piece of paper. Holding a photo in your hand and putting it in your wallet to look at later. Connecting with your material in whatever way you want. Something more than the sterility of digital information?

Does the 'best' way always have to be the most efficient?


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  2. Sarah

    Vinyl's beautiful stuff but I just can't bring myself to find CDs and DVDs charming. In this case, I think, the more efficient path is better. I found that getting an iPod led to a huge expansion in the variety of music that I listened to, and the choosing can be just as enjoyable as going through a shelf.

    Ian Douglas


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