Sunday, April 29, 2007

Johnson slapped on wrist for recommending Wikipedia | E-learning |

Johnson slapped on wrist for recommending Wikipedia | E-learning | "UK universities could well take similar measures, predicted Will Murray, director of a plagiarism advisory service for British higher education.

'There's a general feeling that students are regarding Wikipedia as an authority without checking to see if it is or not. It's a site that should be treated with scepticism and it's those skills that higher education is interested in getting across to students,' said Mr Murray, of the Joint Information Systems Committee (Jisc)."

Is Wikipedia the educational version of cribbing off your mates and then discovering that actually your mates knew less about the subject than you did?


  1. Hey Lynne! I've been conducting a one-woman blogging frenzy on the H80x courses for ages... my blogaholism just found a way to escape the OU and ended up here. :o))

  2. Waving at you and welcome. Look forward to reading you again.

  3. I did H806 - it was... different! "Blogaholism" - love that term!

  4. Hey Mornev!! Have sauntered over your blog in my best kicky heels! Love it!

    Oh, and Lynne... don't tell me anything ick about H806, it's next on my list of courses to do. H807 is... ermmmm... interesting enough as it is!

  5. And I love Kicky Heels Sarah! Smashing photo of you all on the beach.

  6. H806 is largely what you make it. I wasn't used to DIY courses, which may partly explain my mixed feelings about it! Nogbad will have an opinion or two to share, too.


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