Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tim Berners Lee keynote at 3GSM

Tim Berners Lee keynote at 3GSM: "There is a very important difference in attitude between a foundation technology and — well — let's call it a ceiling technology. A foundation technology is designed to enable innovation, to be the base which will support other even more powerful things to come. A ceiling technology is not. It is designed to provide a value, and for its provider to cash in and cash out. Proprietary music download systems are ceiling technologies to the extent that the technologists design to be also being the only store in town, rather than creating an open market. Though putting a lid on further innovation, they are still providing a service, and making sure they profit from it.

Ceiling technologies are the end of the road for innovation.

When you want to make a foundation technology, you need to look ahead. You need to put aside the short term return on investment questions and look at the long term."

I think this is a really helpful quote from Tim Berners Lee when trying to consider what constitutes innovation. Openness seems to be the key to allow fluidity of ideas and progression of development. The moment you close something and shut people out, you shut out the opportunity to see your idea in a new light. To see different ways of applying that idea. New methods. New concepts. If you want to lay the foundations for innovation in elearning then you need not only to be creative in your thoughts, but open to the future and able to look to the long term. Set standards and work together from those standards.

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